Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Year in review: spent


Jupiter hotel, July

I have a pretty silly December tradition of looking back on my favorite purchases of the year. It sounds super capitalist, but I love things, and my lists usually get down to the life I led. This year isn't much different.

so, the list:

1. Kona Dew Deluxe bicycle -- So fast! So light! This made biking so much more fun. I was already commuting daily to work before I bought it, but made it all so much more enjoyable. Thanks to it, I now have leg muscles, and I'm sure to die later (right?)

2. Canon 5D - Like my bicycle, merely an upgrade. But it, too, made all the difference.

3. Half of one night's stay at the Jupiter Hotel -- In July, Oregon temperatures sailed above 105 then stayed that way all week. Most of Portland doesn't have air conditioning. I live on the top floor with few windows, and it was so hot I sat in my room and cried. I hadn't slept in days (despite putting my clothes, wet, into the freezer) when I called Ryan and asked if he wanted to go in on a hotel night with me. We jumped on the bed, drank white wine, told stories and slept -- all night long -- in the blasting air condition.

4. Ticket to Texas, August - I spent the end of summer with my two best guys, drinking too much and spilling all our secrets.

5. Ticket to Hawaii, February - Seriously, paradise.

6. Bike face mask - Last week, it was 12 degrees here. This kept me from dying.

7. Rafts We spent most of the summer on the river, riding out the weekends on two $20 rafts I bought.

8. Ticket to Chicago, April - Sadie, Lizz and I hadn't been reunited in so long. There was funny tension, but at times, it was absolutely perfect.

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