Thursday, December 24, 2009

Year in review: Songs (1.10)

Finally! The top 10! I honestly never would have thought an Animal Collective song would be my most favorite, but it is undoubtedly, for me, the song of the year. It was the song of the recession. The song of loving, simply. I listened to it while driving, while cooking, while writing. I listened to it in the shower and on the train.

The others in the top ten are equally as played. I'll write more about Neko Case, Telegraph Canyon, Drake, MEN and PobPaH in my best albums write-up. So I'll just write, now, about the others.

Honestly, I love most Mariah Carey singles, and this was no exception. Woman is a genius. And this Jay-z song? Best beat of the year. My love of this song really has less to do with the master rapper than the beat makers.

The switch from long distance love to the alliterative love long distance made all the difference. That phrase is so pretty to me. And I love the Heard it Through the Grapevine sample. I spent a good bit of time in my living room dancing to this song.

Finally, the Akron/Family song is one I loved early and often. It made it on to many mixes of mine this year. I can't really even pin down why, but I like it a lot.

1. Animal Collective - My girls
2. Neko Case - The pharoahs
3. Telegraph Canyon - Reels and wires
4. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Young adult friction
5. Mariah Carey - Obsessed
6. MEN - Credit card babies
7. Drake - Say what's real
8. Gossip - Love long distance
9. Jay-z - On to the next one
10. Akron/Family - River


Ryan Kost said...

i love that animal collective song. and i love you for introducing it to me. also i love you for lots of other reasons. that is all.

Bette said...

The Pharoahs was my favorite song off of the Neko album as well. It is just lovely.