Sunday, December 20, 2009

Year in review: Songs (31.40)

Continuing on, this batch includes one of my favorite bands of the year (Pyramiddd, nee Starfucker, whose 2008 CD is in my most listened to this year) as well as the irresistible dancy coos of The Dream. I only know a handful other songs by Best Coast and Sleigh Bells, and though those are good, too, these were my favorites. As for Julie Doiron, I really debated between this song and "When the breaks get wet," but ultimately I listened to this one more often. All hail, 2009, the year of fuzzy pop. Finally, I don't like much else by Freelance Whales, but this song, the album's opener, really stuck with me from the very time Ryan played it (over and over again) on a late summer trip to the beach. "I limbs have been asleep; we need to get the blood back in them."

31. Starfucker - Boy toy
32. Best Coast - When I'm with you
33. Sleigh Bells - Ring, ring
34. Sonic Youth - Antenna
35. Freelance Whales - Generator (first floor)
36. The Dream - Rockin' that shit
37. An Horse - Camp Out
38. Animal Collective - Brother sport
39. Julie Doiron - Consolation Prize
40. Passion Pit - Sleepyhead

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