Monday, December 21, 2009

Year in review: Songs (21.30)

The next set of 10 includes a few old favorites (Gossip, Tegan and Sara, Yeah Yeahs, Jay-z) along with a band I've never liked (Animal Collective) until this year. Actually, I did like that song "Did You See the Words" several years ago. Anyway, I'm sure Q will think I'm crazy, but I really liked three or so of their songs this year, including this one. The Tegan and Sara album took a while to grow on me, but this song was one I instantly liked. The Jay-z album is one I liked instantly but liked less as time went on. Still, I wrote many a story this year while listening to this song. Finally, "Sabali" was in rotation on some Internet circles last year, but the proper album didn't come out until this year, so here you have it.

21. Animal Collective - Summertime clothes
22. Jay-z - What we talkin' 'bout
23. Gossip - Four-letter word
24. Rihanna - Hatin' on the club
25. Starfucker - Medicine
26. Tegan and Sara - Someday
27. The Thermals - Now we can see
28. Amadou and Mariam - Sabali
29. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Runaway
30. Andrew Bird - Nomenclature

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amanda allen said...

I'm a bit surprised anything from neko case ended up on this list....