Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Year in review: Songs (11.20)

For No. 11, I put both Black Eyed Peas songs, though I know they're different. I couldn't really choose one and both really sound like summer to me. I wrestled a while, too, with which Neko Case song to put at No. 12. Honestly, I could have put any song (except for one, which will be in the top 10) from that album there. In the end, I looked at which song I had played most. This tied with This Tornado Loves You. This set also includes a song by MEN, which was my favorite concert of the year, as well as by Drake, who was my favorite rapper of the year. Girls may have been one of the most overblogged bands of this year, but this song was totally the end of summer jam. So fun. This set also includes a song by Nurses, a Portland band that produced many great songs this year (See also: Technicolor and Caterpillar Playground, as well as others).

11. Black Eyed Peas - I gotta feeling / Boom boom pow
12. Neko Case - Don't forget me
13. Telegraph Canyon - Shake your fists
14. Glass Ghost - Like a diamond
15. Nurses - Lita
16. The xx - VCR
17. The Raveonettes - Last dance
18. MEN - Off our backs
19. Girls - Lust for life
20. Drake f/ Lykke Li - Little bit

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