Friday, July 17, 2009

More tales from Mitchell

I have no accompanying photos, but here are a few things I heard in the Bridge Street Cafe in Mitchell:

Waitress: We do have a felon in Mitchell. He’s usually hanging out here when they take him to the pokey. The sad thing is, he’s one of the nicest guys here. He’s the only who doesn’t spend all his time talking about everyone else.

Random patron: Where’d the last woman who owned this go?
Waitress: Peggy? She went to Fossil to take care of her mother. Didn’t do a good job, though. They put her in a nursing home. Then I don’t know what happened to her.

Waitress: Keifer Davis keeps wanting to be deputy commissioner. Trouble is, none of us want him to have a gun.

Chelsey also heard a story while I was outside of the waitress talking about a man who keeps playing a trick on the sheriff. He’ll steal his handcuffs then handcuff him to something or another. I can’t remember what. He did it three times, though.


Holly said...

BHAHAH Love those stories... I live in Mitchell, grew up here and moved back to raise my kids here. I do have to say though.. the person that is a felon.. He wasnt good!!! only a few people liked him and they are all gone now!!! Come visit again, Ill introduce you to everyone!

casey said...

Holly, that sounds great! I love Mitchell, just visited again about a month ago.

T Kiefer Davis said...

Yes, come visit Casey. I'll take ya shootin'

T Kiefer Davis said...

Oh, and we'll take Hugh (whom you made fun of) and Judy (whom you made fun of).
If Judy finds out you made fun of her, she'll eat you for breakfast.
If Hugh finds out you made fun of him, when he gets better, he'll take you out to "visit" his bear.
Merry Christmas !