Wednesday, July 8, 2009


The night Michael Jackson died, I went around town looking for dance parties. The night started auspiciously at the foot of the Steel Bridge with about 100 bikers dancing. Here are two videos I made from that night, including one gorgeous eulogy about what MJ had to do with biking anyway:

The day Michael Jackson died: A cyclist's eulogy from Casey Parks on Vimeo.

Portlanders dance to Michael Jackson songs from Casey Parks on Vimeo.

Also, if you're interested, here are a few mash-ups between MJ songs with some famous rappers:

Jay-Z over Don't stop till you get enough

Lil Wayne over I want you back

Nas over You rock my world

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Ted and Lori said...

I have teared up several times since MJ's death, and yet again with your video of the dancing bikers. Truly, he has created a soundtrack to many lives. Nice video.