Monday, July 13, 2009

More tales from Mitchell

Judy Perry, 49, grew up in Madras but moved to Mitchell for love. About 20 years ago, she spilled a platter of drinks in Chris Perry’s lap. Two months later, they were engaged. Two months later, she was married and moving to Mitchell. In 19 years, she’s always found work. Any time she’d lose a job, one would open up that same day. A few years ago, she and her husband opened up this store, Second Hand Treasures.

Her husband is the county commissioner and his business card says Chris Perry — Scrap Metal, Hay. But he used to drive the school bus until the family moved out of town and the route dried up. Back then, Ed, the jack russell fox terrier rode the school bus, too. He’s had his own adventures, such as the time he got stuck in a wire fence chasing a rabbit.

The county seat is about 10 miles away in Fossil, and though it might sound like a good idea for the county commissioner to live there, Judy said she never would. “I said it once right in the courthouse, I will not live in Fossil,” she said. “People there are snobs.”

I missed it, but Judy apparently told a story about a little boy who "clomb" up a hill.




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T Kiefer Davis said...

If Judy ever finds out you made fun of her, she'll eat you for breakfast.