Saturday, March 7, 2009

Things seen in Pioneer Square

3:30 p.m. on Saturday while it hailed:

- man playing a sitar
- a different man playing a tiny electric guitar
- a different man playing "Brown Eyed Girl" on a washboard with a harmonica who stopped to say, "free lessons!"
- hundreds of people swing-dancing, ironically not to any of the aforementioned instruments
- man walking five Shih-tsus, two of which were very small puppies
- a young preacher yelling about sexual purity
- Two homeless men talking on a stopped Yellow Line train, talking about the Romans. One says, "Everybody has to get off." "Yeah," the other says. "Doesn't matter if you're gay, straight or a prostitute. You gotta get off! It's your body!" "No," the first guy said. "The train. Everybody has to get off the train. It's the last stop."

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