Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I want to buy a new car (by the way, anyone have any tips on that?) so I'm trying to spend less money. That said, I'm limiting myself to $80 a week, minus gas and bills. That probably seems like a lot still, but I was buying so much clothing and video equipment!

Last week's tally:

- $4, Helvetica letter stickers
- $10, groceries [milk, bread, fruit, vegetables, canned tomatoes]
- $3, PBR + tip at the E Room
- $3.50, two coffees to drink while Anna and I wait for two tow trucks
- $3, mango smoothie
- $5.50, stuff to make smoothies from Trader Joe's
- $3, two coffees for breakfast for me and Ev
- $13, sushi
- $15, Indian food

Grand total: $60

That leaves $20 to put toward a new pair of shoes (or, ahem, the car)

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