Sunday, March 15, 2009


My $80/week goal did not go as well this week. I spent $107! Even using my $20 saved from last week, I'm still over. Here's the run-down:

$1 - coffee
$2.50 - beer
$2 - tea
$20.50 - groceries
$6 - burrito
$1 - coke
$1 - coffee
$25 - stuff to make Pimm's Cups for a dinner party (Pimm's, ginger ale, mint, cucumber, lime)
$11 - a little more than a pound of coffee beans
$30 - haircut
$7 - groceries

Next week, I better shape up!


Jen said...

where do you get $1 coffee and $30 haircuts? i need to get on your budget! seriously.

Marsosudiro said...

$25 on Pimm's cups? Alcohol and generosity have been the downfall of many good people. But it still sounds like money well spent.

neola said...

girl! you need to step off that $6 burrito and get yourself to La Bonita!

casey said...

The haircut was with tip and everything. And seriously, I have the best hairstylist. The $1 coffees are just drip coffees, size small. The $25 on Pimm's was mostly spent on the bottle of Pimm's itself. And Neola, you ain't lyin about the burrito! But I was at work, and it was at Chipotle, the only thing available. La Bonita was so, so far away.

ミラクル・ロマンス said...

grrrl, you're doing a much better job of saving than i am. i'm jealous. that said, i love the person who does my hair and it runs me $26 max incl. a good tip.
oh, and this is colin!