Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blogger unbound

Every once in a while, in between stories of roads and water rate increases, I get to do a funny little story like this one. Definitely fun to meet these guys:

HILLSBORO -- Jeff McRitchie isn't deluded enough to think people are awake before dawn, reading the blogs he posts hourly. No one else could possibly be as interested in the stories he writes about the document-binding business.

That's OK. What matters is this: Google has started to notice him.

Website traffic has tripled, and sales are up enough that the 40-person company has hired an additional employee to work on the site. It's all because McRitchie launched one crazy experiment: He pledged to blog every single hour of every single day for 72 days -- about document binding.

McRitchie, 30, works for a Hillsboro-based national company called My Binding. Basically, it sells anything that acts like staple but is not a staple, including those plastic coils that keep documents together.

Read the rest on Oregonlive. (Click that sentence, and it'll take you there).


Ryan Kost said...

hah! i love this story. you make binding coils sexy, casey parks.

Anonymous said...