Monday, June 28, 2010

With apologies to Tracy the librarian

A few months ago, I posted what I thought was the best e-mail from Tracy the librarian. I was totally wrong.

This is the best e-mail I've ever received. From my grandpa, on a Monday night:

Sugar I want to ask you a question and tell me the truth i am confess on your life style as a Lesbian,
i am watching Springer and it seems like it is a hold lot of slipping AROUND and when they arre confronted it is a hold lot of butt kicking going on you dont go threw that do you please advise. Love you more each day.
looking forward to your reply
love you
XXXXXXXooooooooo papaw

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Neenuh said...

I'm Ryan's friend Nina and I found your blog through his blog. This post made me giggle so hard. Please post more videos of Ryan.