Thursday, September 17, 2009

Drawing without looking

The other day, Quentin, Randi and I spent the morning crafting. I had cut out a pink T from the Sunday Times Magazine to use in a postcard I was making, but it wound up not fitting. So there it sat, unused, on Quentin's table. I turned my head.

"That looks just like a hairstyle," I said.

We had been doing blind contour drawings of owls that morning, so we somehow hatched a plan that Randi would draw a blind contour drawing of me to go with this hairstyle. Quentin did the gluing. I did the thinking. Randi did the drawing.

Thus, I give you, a collaborative approach to my new hairstyle and glasses*:


*I did really get a haircut and new glasses, but they look a bit different than this illustration.

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