Saturday, November 8, 2008

My stuff: Chris Johnson

Click a thumbnail to see a larger image. Chris Johnson, lead singer of Telegraph Canyon (and my cousin), showcases his stuff

Chris explains
Items start on top row, l-r, then down

1. My favorite record -- It taught me patience. I hated it for a year.

2. Red Rider BB gun; I've had it all my life

3. My first guitar --It was my dad's in the '70s. When I was 12, I took it out from underneath his bed, and I've had it ever since.

4. I traveled two hours a way to get this, and then loaded it into my house all by myself. The guy said it didn't work, but then I opened it, replaced a tube and now it does. It's my spooky organ.

5. Hookah -- My cousin brought this back from Iraq. It's the best thing that came out of going to war with Iraq.

6. Headphones help you hear things you'd otherwise never know are there.

7. I call this the house capo. I always lose it, but it finds its way back to me. It's my favorite.

8. Frida -- She was a stray. We put up posters everywhere, and no one claimed her. Now she's ours.

9. This hat used to have a stupid patch on it. I had wanted a Louisiana patch with a pelican on it for 12 years. My wife Adrienne found it for me on eBay. I sewed it on myself.

10. Jitterbug -- I caught a really big fish with it. It goes on top of the water and a bunch of noise.

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