Thursday, November 20, 2008

My stuff: Adrienne

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Adrienne explains
Items start on top row, l-r, then down

1. We found this in the backyard of a house we were renting. When we moved, we had to load it on a dolly. It's so heavy, but I think it's so beautiful.

2. My favorite food

3. Cushaw squash, the first food I ever grew from a seed

4. Centromatic, my favorite band

5. Aggie -- it's better for the soil than a tiller

6. Cowboy boots -- A friend gave them to me, already broken in.

7. My favorite picture. That's my grandparents with my aunt

8. My first picture with my husband. For years, we kept it in our car, but it was getting weathered.

9. My grandparents' original wedding set. My grandpa bought it at Montgomery Wards, and it had a 75-year-warranty. They've been married 58 years now, ane he always jokes about how the warranty is almost up.

10. my favorite earrings -- I got them on my first road trip by myself. I spent 40 hours on a bus and went to Montana.

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