Friday, September 30, 2011

Out living my life, getting out dreams

Another nod to the last vestiges of summer, this one a video. When we were on Orcas Island a few weeks ago, Ryan, Amanda and I all shot video of the trip. That place is truly magical. You can see it in this video through all the giggling we do.


amanda allen said...

"this is gonna be the best video ever" ah ha ha!
If I didn't already love your smile, this video just reminded me again.
Here's to many more French Press trips and collaborations! We need a snowy winter video to happen!

casey said...

This is why you need to come to our Thanksgiving cabin get-away in Rhododendron!

amanda allen said...

I won't be able to make that trip. I fly to Hawaii on Monday the 28th from Seattle. That would just be pushing it too much. But as Allison said we should take a cabin trip somewhere after the new year.