Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My big screen debut

Local people! Come out tomorrow night to see a screening of my short films. Last year, Aaron Wong and I won the Portland Bridge Festival's short film festival, and part of the prize is we got to rent out one of the coolest movie theater's in town (the Bagdad -- they serve beer and food!) and show whatever we want. We briefly considered a Sex and the City marathon but ultimately we decided to show our own work.

I'll be showing:

The Amazing Jerks video
A trailer for our Roy documentary
Two short films that ask a series of people the same question
Two rap videos

Some of this stuff is online. Some isn't. So come! Aaron will also show a bunch of cool stuff, including a stop motion piece that he and his friends spent like a year making. He even made the clay figurines himself. Anyway, here's a poster (made by Flannery Smith, but we messed it up a little when we tried to change the date)


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