Friday, March 25, 2011

First world problems

Where will I get coffee?
Can I not wear my cute shoes because I'll be doing too much walking?
Is it close enough to Chicago?
Will I never eat another chanterelle?
Who will cut my hair in a cool way?
How will I afford tickets to Texas?
Will I be too poor to go to Hawaii?
Will I ever date again?
If so, will she be cute? interesting?
Nevermind, I never want to date again.
But if I did ...
How will I downsize from four closets to one?
Where will all my jackets go?
Should I save my money or buy a new computer?
What will I photograph?
What does sushi taste like in the middle of the country?
Will I have to wait for movies to come out on DVD?
What will I do with all my furniture?
Where will all my books fit?
How will I afford new music?
(etc, etc)

1 comment:

keithporter said...

Are you moving to Iowa City?

I am sure you don't remember me, but we met on the street in New York shortly after you returned from the Kristof trip.

I work at a foundation in Iowa not far from Iowa City:

You can see more about me here:

In any event, if you are coming to Iowa, please let me know. There are a number of young people (by that I mean younger than me) on our staff who live in or near Iowa City, and I think you would really enjoy meeting them.

Best of luck in whatever your path is!

Keith Porter