Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My stuff: David

Apparently there are still people around town in Jackson, Miss., who know David only as his comic-drawing alterego, Gorjus. He writes/draws/makes the zine The Sandusky Review and runs the blog Pretty Fakes and is all-around the very coolest.

David explains his favorite things:

1. zine stapler - I make zines with this.

2. Jerry Lee Lewis - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On record - I wasn't allowed to have music growing up. This is the first 45 I ever bought. I paid $5 for it at a record store in San Antonio, and that was the start of my record collection.

3. Alabama license plate - I really love Alabama. A big part of where I grew up was loving football. It's a big cliche to say football is a religion in the South, but it's totally true. It's the great equalizer.

4. Animal Man comic - This page is the reason I became a vegetarian. I read this when I was 14, and it didn't take at the time, but it left a seed in my head. The character is talking about the ethics of eating animals. It's not much, and looking back, I think, 'Really? That's all it took?'

5. 307 - This is a badge from my 1967 Camaro. 307 was how big the engine was. I wrecked it in Starkville -- totally sober. My dad found the badge in his basement recently and gave it to me.

6. Polaroid Sun 600 - My main art in my 30s has been Polaroids. Of all the Polaroid cameras I use, this is my favorite. I don't know why. It doesn't really take the best photos of all of them. But it has traveled all over the country with me.

7. Rubber stamps - They were a present from a friend. At first, we used them for fliers for a band, but then I started using them with Polaroids a lot.

8. Kill Rock Stars bracelet - I used to wear a lot of jewelry. I bought this in the late '90s. The record label Kill Rock Stars sold it. I liked having a cultural signifier. It was a code. Wearing this in a small town, you're saying you're a feminist. You're not a racist. You like punk rock. You're a real person.

9. bullet shell - This is from my grandfather's funeral. He was in the army in World War II, and at his funeral, they did the 21-gun salute. He was the first person I was close to who died.

10. button - This is from 2008, when I went to Florida and worked with the Obama campaign. With the 2000 election in mind, they brought a lot of lawyers to Florida to answer questions, etc. We had no problems where we where. It was just an awesome public service exercise. I felt connected to a larger whole.


amanda allen said...

he's much more interesting than me:)

Lynette said...

He's so fine, so is his stuff. I'm as happy as I figured I would be with this post, Casey.

gorjus said...

Amanda, dearest, you are completely wrong!

And Lynette, you made my night!