Thursday, September 23, 2010

Things I want to do this fall

Build a pinhole camera (Q bought me a kit for my birthday, so I really have no excuse)
Experiment with fresh pasta
Make pumpkin ice cream
Hold a film festival (Aaron and I won a certificate to rent out the Baghdad Theater for free, so we'll be having a screening in November)
Read Jonathan Franzen's "Freedom" (I'm 25th in line out of nearly 1,200 people at the library!)
Hang the art I recently bought
Learn how to use a camera flash (I signed up for a class!)
Write at least one story I am seriously proud of
Finish my essays for my portfolio
Join a gym
Visit Amanda in Seattle
Bike at least 10 miles a week (This is low-balling it, but my hip has been crazy lately)

1 comment:

amanda allen said...

I LIKE this list! I should make one too! But this weekend I'll be checking one huge goal off my list I've had for awhile: work on a project with Casey!