Thursday, September 2, 2010

The birthplace of cool

Back when I was 13 and sporting the hopelessly uncool look that comes from tucking in your Mossimo t-shirts, having your mom curl your hair before school and spending your down-time writing short stories about pork chops or dead hamsters, my parents shipped me off to a camp called Creative Scholars.

The camp was two weeks long in sticky hot Lafayette, Louisiana. That's where I learned about Tom Waites and the Pixies. That's where I went to my first coffee shop (I ordered an Italian Cream Soda). Needless to say, for much of my teenage years, I thought there was no place in the world cooler than Lafayette. I don't think I've ever been back.

Still, I feel all nostalgic and loving when I see it referenced in the world, and so it was when I saw this little write-up about a Lafayette band on Stereogum:

Band to Watch: Givers

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