Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Home is where (2)

Texas 2009 was epic -- I flew out Sunday morning exhausted, full of love, memory and the inky outline of home.

Landing back in Oregon, though, felt like home, too. Two of my best friends were waiting -- with presents and dinner. Later, I went out for a tea and a walk across the Willamette with a new friend.

Monday started with a bike ride (God, I missed bike riding). Just before the Broadway Bridge, a guy noticed my tattoo. Turns out he was from Jackson AND Savannah, too. We talked the whole way to work. I barely noticed the hills.

Monday's dinner was perfect. We tag-teamed our way through Indian food -- veggie biryani, chickpea and potato curry, chapati, soy chai bubble teas.

This weekend, we're headed to the river again. And Saturday night, I've got plans for biking around town, sitting on the bluffs, drinking, getting to know.

I started pre-work on my summer video this week. Watching hundreds of pictures move by, I felt so happy. Living here is so good.

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