Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"We went to the swamp today"

We were eating at Cafe Du Monde when this kid next to us started making the craziest faces at us. "We went to the swamp today," he told me, then started making these flirting funny faces. His parents said, "Christopher, make a nice face" for the photo, and this is what he did:


Also, I don't love this photo as much, but I love this kid's ears immensely. After much persuading by his old brother, this was his good face:


I let him take a picture of me, and I, too, had powdered sugar on my face:



Ryan Kost said...

this is all around unbearably adorable. gotta say. gotta say.

Lynette said...

Gosh, I hope you ate a beignet for me and one for Mama. Super photos!