Thursday, October 16, 2008

First person: Randi

One of the new features of my blog will be a first-person video. I'm hoping to post one a week. The first is of Randi talking about being a twin.

Randi Orth from Casey Parks on Vimeo.

"Do people ask you if you know what they're thinking? That's ridiculous."

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steveremich said...


Love the idea. But the technique needs some help. I started writing a long comment, but don't want to sound preachy in public. If you want some technical advice, send me an email. Be happy to give you a few tips.

I think these have a lot of potential. Still think it would have been cooler if she did know what he was thinking in Kenya or got sharp pains when he burned himself, but whatever. Damn reality.

Maybe you have already seen it, but there is an awesome project that was done by a woman at the called "on being" that was a very similar idea. She is an MU grad actually. Check it out.

The production value is very nice for the videos and the web presentation, and you might say, "well they are the washington post" but it actually isn't as hard as you think. Also notice how they frame things a little looser. In this case you don't see their face as clearly and you feel a little more like you are looking at them than them talking to you, but it let's you see their gestures and mannerisms and other things that show you a person's personality besides words, facial expressions, etc. Just two different techniques with different feels, neither bad nor good. Good luck.