Wednesday, May 30, 2012

We can't be beat.

Daydreaming about three days from now, when I'll be with Q, listening to the new Walkmen record, talking hearts and riding bikes. Sometimes you know people, and it is always good. First, though, passing the ever-heating days at work with stories and stolen glances down the street:

Untitled Untitled

"I was the Duke of Earl
The Duke of Earl
But it couldn't last
I was the Pony Express
But I ran out of gas
Oh golden dreams
Golden dreams, all lose their glow

I don't need perfection, I love the whole
Oh give me a life, that needs correction
Nobody loves, loves perfection
Loneliness, loneliness will run you through
All the kids are laughing, I'm laughing too

If you want my eyes, take my eyes, they're always true
If you want my heart, take my heart, it's right here for you
Its been so long, been so long, but I made it through"

- The Walkmen, "We Can't Be Beat"

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