Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The documentary begins

After a decade of my grandma’s stories (and my consequent annoying prying), I am heading down to Delhi, Louisiana, on Friday to begin working (in earnest) on a documentary about Roy, who was born a woman but who lived as a man there from 1930(ish) - 2006.

I’m taking with me two good friends — Aubree and Aaron. They’ll be the masters of sound and sight. I’ll be asking questions, talking, directing.

I’ll be posting updates (photo + video + words!) from our trip. To get all that started, here are two photos from our Sunday pre-interview shoot. We wanted to make sure all of our equipment works all together and also capture (on film) everything we know at this point. Stay tuned!



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Gosia Wozniacka said...

now I know where you are!! good luck and big hugs. see you when you're back.. Gosia