Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Still spending

Last week's $80 budget

$8 Trader Joe's groceries
$14.75 Stumptown bulk coffee, strawberries and yogurt from New Seasons
$1.50 McDonald's small french fries
$3 split cost for tomato and zucchini plant starts
$2.50 Grand Central Bakery cheese danish
$.75 Can of coke
$17 Fred Meyer groceries
$4 two 16 ounce coffees
$12 chips and salsa for party
$1.98 two iTunes songs -- "Kiss Me Thru The Phone" and "Sabotage"

That leaves 14.50, unless you count the $50 I spent on Neko Case tickets :)


Marsosudiro said...

Cool! Excellent reporting on the discipline effort.

Looking at the danish and the coffees (and the Neko Case tickets), I'm reminded of what my statistics prof said of how the r-squared statistic amplifies the variations. "It's like much of life," he said, "in which it isn't the many small mistakes that kill you, but the one or two big mistakes."

Not that I'd ever call Neko Case tickets a mistake :-)

sadie said... the beastie boys? SO worth $0.99 of your budget. :)

the anxiety of hope said...

dont feel bad about the $50 buck for neko case tickets. Last month before rent was due i front $90 for 3 neko tickets and i think my rent check bounced...